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Glen S. Roseborough, MD - Excellence Above & Beyond and Role Model for Excellence

23 Jul 2017

By: Andrew Furman, MD

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Dr. Roseborough does this often, but below is from Dr. Morag with the most recent example why he deserves an excellence award:

“To Whom it May Concern: I recently had an elderly patient present to the Emergency Department with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. There was no "on call" vascular surgeon at our hospital that day. While making preparations to transfer the patient elsewhere for surgery, I decided to call Dr. GlenRoseborough, Glen S. Roseborough to see if he was available. Despite not being "on call" and with no obligation to assist, he came immediately, cancelled his scheduled surgeries, and proceeded to take this patient to surgery. I would like Dr. Roseborough to be recognized for going above and beyond his required duties to ultimately save this patient's life. Thank you, Rumm Morag, MD.”

Susan Spohr also nominated Dr. Roseborough, for a Role Model Award. She wrote:

“Dr. Roseborough has demonstrated teamwork and excellence in patient care by working directly with surgical services staff and leaders to improve the patient experience. He takes time from a very busy schedule to advise and lead the team in decreasing and organizing his surgical instrument trays for faster turnaround as well as provides appropriate and timely feedback on standardization of sterile supplies to decrease inventory and costs. These actions support the team by improving operational efficiencies resulting in a better patient experience of care. We appreciate your leadership!”