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Hatchette, Farmer, Westfall and Baynham excel at patient charts

25 Jun 2017

By: Matt Boles, MD, medical director Surgical Services

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Dr. Charles Hatchette and his office staff, along with Drs. Farmer, Westfall and Baynham and their office staff, have excelled in their patient chart preparedness for elective cases. Correct documentation such as H&P’s, consents and orders delivered to our Pre-Surgical Screening office in a timely fashion, allows proper and safe preparation for our surgical patients. 

These surgeons, along with their office staff, have stood above the rest in terms of getting these documents into patients’ charts so that all possible preparations and safety checks can be performed to ensure a safe experience for these elective surgical cases. These offices were awarded with a celebration lunch to acknowledge their accomplishment and hard work.  Please join me in thanking them for their efforts