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How Salem Health uses Imprivata for security, prescribing, signing in

19 Jan 2020

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By: G. Andrew Clarke, MD, chief medical information officer

To Salem Health providers: My message below provides more information about Salem Health’s security software – a discussion we had at the recent Compact Implementation Committee. I welcome questions and comments.

Imprivata is the vendor providing part of the security software at Salem Health.  There are several components to this software.

  1. Electronic prescribing of controlled substances
    1. DEA rules require multiple verification steps to prescribe a controlled substance electronically. Imprivata allows providers to meet those requirements. Providers need to be enrolled in person to be able to do EPCS. Contact the Solution Center to arrange an appointment to accomplish this.
    2. EPCS is not currently required by OR or the federal government for prescribing controlled substances (a printed Rx is still acceptable).
  2. Single sign on
    1. When using computers and applications on campus, providers will be able to access and log into computers and Epic by signing in with their password once every 12 hours and then subsequently using just their badge.
    2. If you type in your logon into any applications, you should also manually log out of those before badging out.You do not need to do this with Epic.
    3. It is imperative to badge “out” when you are finished your work and leave the workstation to secure your account.
  3. Remote access to the Salem Health network now uses multi-factor authentication.
    1. This decreases chances that unauthorized access to your account and the Salem Health network will occur.
    2. Remote users will now be prompted for an additional “password” or token code to access their account.
    3. The second factor token code can be obtained from the Imprivata app on your mobile device, a SMS/text message sent to your mobile device, or by calling the Solution Center.

If you have any IS problems or questions please contact the Solution Center at 503-814-HELP or email ( for assistance.