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HS dose for correction bolus/sliding scale changing

19 Jan 2020

Details coming in Feb. 2 Common Ground

By: Matthew Tanner, lead pharmacist

This is a heads-up:  Starting Feb. 4, the nighttime sliding scale/correction bolus dose will be changing. To reduce the incidence of nocturnal hypoglycemia, scale will start at a higher CBG (180 mg/dL rather than 141) and each dose of insulin will be reduced by one unit.

Watch for details in the Feb. 2 Common Ground detailing current and future blood glucose state units.

This change was proposed by the Diabetes Steering Committee and approved by the P&T Committee. The absolute rate of hypoglycemia was 20% higher when a patient received a dose from the dinnertime scale, the HS scale and a dose of long-acting insulin. By reducing the aggressiveness of the HS scale, the rate of hypoglycemia in patients receiving all three doses should decrease.

If you have questions, please feel contact Matt Tanner (503-814-9960 or, Sandy Bunn ( or Michelle Grove (