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Improved length of stay efforts

02 Jan 2022

Reestablishing the observation model of care on CDU

In support of the current A3 length of stay work, the LOS of observation patients has been identified as an opportunity. The goal of observation patients is to discharge or upgrade to inpatient status within 48 hours. To achieve this goal, Salem Health will reestablish the observation model of care on the CDU.

Starting Jan. 3, we will gradually cohort Salem Health Medical Group obs patients who meet established criteria to the CDU. Beginning Jan. 5, the SHMG hospitalist Bronze team will manage the medical obs patients in CDU and overflow other SHMG obs patients in Building B. By cohorting SHMG obs patients to one unit with overflow in the same building, we expect a fast turnover of these patients resulting in a LOS less than 48 hours. If the patient meets Inpatient status (not obs), then the patient will be transferred out of the CDU to an inpatient unit.

This will be a soft launch and please expect various check and adjust as we reestablish this model of care.