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Improved query process: Testing volunteers needed

06 Nov 2022

New mobile/Web tool follows industry standards

By: Drew Clarke, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Information Officer

The Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) team will launch Interact on Nov. 29 — a new software tool to create and manage queries for providers.

This change directly supports Finance A3 work to improve clinical documentation. The CDI team will use industry-standardized query templates to make it easier to understand and answer queries.

Most providers will continue to receive queries via the Epic In Basket and process queries following current workflows. At the same time, a pilot group of providers will start using the Interact mobile app and website to test a streamlined workflow. These queries will include curated supporting clinical documentation to ease review and allow you to respond with just a few clicks. The response is then filed directly into the patient’s chart in Epic.

We plan to collect pilot feedback to learn if the new process should be adopted systemwide.

If you are interested in being part of this pilot group, email me at no later than Nov. 18.