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Improvement work in Surgical Services with vendors

18 Aug 2019

New Casechek system will help with scheduling and loaner trays

By: Amber Williams, surgical services business manager

We constantly strive to identify and eliminate activities that detract from patient focus. Coordinating vendor surgery support and managing vendor inventory are two such activities. To reduce inventory issues, delayed case starts and staff distractions, our vendors in the operating room will be using a system called Casechek to help with scheduling and loaner trays. This solution came out of problem solving over the past two years with OR, sterile processing and vendor partners. We believe it will improve reliability as described below.

Casechek will help minimize issues by:
  • Coordinating vendor support through a centralized system
  • Ensuring required loaner inventory is ready for your procedure
  • Identifying issues and notifying staff so your case isn’t impacted
  • Automating the scheduling, labeling and tracking of loaner trays
  • Making the flow of inventory visible to all to help solve problems.

  • What is required of the vendor?
  • Respond to case requests in Casechek app
  • Check-in trays with the Casechek system (15 seconds per tray)

  • What is required of physician office?
  • Ensure needed vendor support information is included with case information when scheduling with the hospital

  • How does this help my patient and me?
  • Fewer staff distractions - increased patient focus
  • Fewer delayed cases
  • Faster turnover time
  • Reduced inventory processing errors

  • A team from OR and SPD have been able to observe Casechek in action and speak with current users. They all testify to its efficiency, reliability and improved outcomes. If you have any questions, please contact surgical services business manager Amber Williams.