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Improvements added to ADT orders

24 May 2020

More features for groups using treatment team functions

By: Jeremy Bogan, information services business relations administrator

Updates to the Admission, Discharge, Transfer orders began May 5. The changes include:

  • A field to enter the NAME of the attending provider 
  • A “Which provider/specialty team” field to enter the specialty or hospitalist team
  • A field to indicate the primary team for the patient (see screenshot below)

ADT snip

These changes allow more features for groups using treatment team functions (hospital-based providers).

Videos have been saved on computer desktops in the A2 provider lounge and the SHMG Hospitalist Workroom. Dragon Mics can be used as speakers in those areas. Instructional flyers are also available to explain how to navigate the changes.

If you have any questions, please contact the solution center at 503-814-4357 or