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Introducing the new inclusion, equity and diversity medical director

31 Jan 2021

Meet Nancy Reyes, MD, in the new role

By: Bahaa Wanly, chief operating officer and chief inclusion, equity and diversity officer

Dr. Nancy Reyes will be taking on the role of the inclusion, equity and diversity medical director, along with her role of oncology service line medical director. Nancy has been a radiation oncologist with Radiation Therapy Consultants at Salem Health for 21 years. Nancy has a strong leadership record within the organization and is passionate about inclusion, equity and diversity. She has held multiple leadership roles within our community, including serving on the Board of Trustees of Salem Health and being a part of QOC, the Community Benefit Committee and the Cancer Committee. Additionally, Nancy has been section chief and co-chair of weekly Cancer Conference. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband Terry have two children, Bella and Max, and a dog, Truffles. Nancy enjoys cooking, hiking, or watching and discussing a good show.