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IV to SQ transition order set started May 18

28 May 2017

By: Bijal Mehta, MBBS, MBA, associate kaizen specialist

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The Diabetes Affinity team has been solving the concern of insulin drips not being stopped within the two-hour window of starting subcutaneous insulin.

The team developed an evidence-based housewide IV titration order set that started May 18: Adult Diabetic Intravenous to Subcutaneous Transition Orders (431541), for transitioning patients from an IV insulin drip to insulin injections. 

This order set outlines criteria for when it is safe to transition to subcutaneous injection of insulin, the type of insulin regimen (basal/nutritional/correction) recommended based on the patient’s eating status, timing, and type of IV fluid use.

For questions or concerns, contact Dr. Reddy, Dr. Dinah Loa, Sandra Bunn or Michelle Grove