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Local medical community partners to address care after discharge

15 Oct 2017

By: Bahaa Wanly, Salem Health CMO; Ralph Yates, DO, Chief Medical Officer; and Andy Furman, MD, Salem Health Vice President of Medical Affairs

In an effort to improve care for our community, a team from Salem Health, Salem Clinic and WVP Medical Group met to identify opportunities to partner together. One area identified was in our discharge process.  

A key to better healing for discharged patients is quickly connecting them with appropriate follow-up care. This helps lower re-admittance rates.

But the transition from inpatient to outpatient care is not seamless, and connecting patients with the right providers can take time.

The  team so far has included Doug Eliason, DO; Paul Huun, MD; Patricia Peterson, MD; Barbara Gunder; Cheryl Wolfe; Ralph Yates, DO; Bahaa Wanly; and Andy Furman, MD.

The team is collaborating on ways to improve post-discharge follow-up, especially with high-risk patients. You will see updates in future editions of Common Ground with data, proposed solutions and progress updates.

We are proud of the way the local medical community is willing to partner with one another to address the health care needs of our region. It demonstrates a mutual respect and, most importantly, a patient-first approach to the practice of medicine. 
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