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Message of gratitude from Cheryl Wolfe

24 May 2020

You are all heroes on the team fighting COVID

By: Cheryl Wolfe, President and CEO

Head shot of  Cheryl Nester Wolfe R.N.Over the past few months, employees and providers of our hospitals and clinics have received an outpouring of gratitude from mid-valley residents — an incredible encouragement during a trying time.

I am deeply proud of the sacrifice, commitment and compassion demonstrated by those on the front lines. They are heroes. I am also proud of the way our community has honored them, with donations of food, supplies and constant support and encouragement.  

Keeping Marion and Polk counties safe during this pandemic has never been any one person’s responsibility. Each of you are playing a part to protect one another. Everywhere I look, I see courage and compassion on display. Whether it’s a delivery worker at the doorstep, a customer at a grocery checkout, or a parent teaching a child at home — you’re taking precautions. Masking up, washing hands repeatedly, and respecting physical distancing is not always easy or comfortable. But each time we do it, we serve the well-being of our neighbors. I am proud to be part of such a community.

At Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics, the safety of our employees, patients and community is at the core of everything we do. But all of it is connected to our neighbors in one way or another. Health care workers are heroes, but every hero has a team.

We encourage you join us in showing your support for the teams of heroes in our community by watching and sharing our video at

Thank you for your empathy and selflessness and the support you have shown to us and to one another. There has always been much to be proud of in the mid-valley, but the human response to COVID in our community has made our strength abundantly clear.