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New badges through December

26 Nov 2017

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HR will continue winding its way around campus to replace badges with the new logo. You’ll also receive a new clip and flu shot sticker (if applicable). Expect little interruption; chances are, we’ll find you working at a computer on a nursing unit, grab your badge (with permission) and a few moments later re-appear with your new one.

Please be advised: It might take a few hours for your Badge Pay service to work after you get your new badge, and the new badges may need a couple more seconds when used for elevators. Thanks for your patience as we progress through the departments.

A couple of reminders about your new ID badge:

1. Badges take an extra moment or two to activate security doors. This is normal and will remain unchanged moving forward. Please hold your badge to the reader until it opens the door.

2. Please do not punch any holes in your new badge. This will deactivate badge access and badge pay.