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New breastfeeding, medication resource in Epic

05 Dec 2021

Look for in Reference Links

By: Jill Pearson, MD FAAP, Medical Director/Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Hale's Medication and Mother's Milk Online Resource — the primary source for drug information and breastfeeding — is now available in Epic using Reference Links.

Many breastfeeding patients are advised to discontinue or pause breastfeeding to take a certain medication, even when it may not be necessary. Now you can easily check if a medication is safe while breastfeeding.

From the Hale's Medication and Mother's Milk link in Epic you can:

  • Easily search, print, and share drug information with breastfeeding patients.
  • Access 1300+ drugs with easy to understand lactation risk categories (includes herbals, prescriptions, OTC, and street drugs).

As a reminder, lactation consultants are on campus seven days a week to consult with breastfeeding patients; they can be reached at 503-814-4539.