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New entrances for Building B parking

24 Jan 2016

By: Cindy Wagner, director of facilities


Starting Feb. 1, medical staff can access parking behind Building B from the new entrances on Mission and Winter streets. A new parking lot on the corner of these streets will be also open Feb. 1 for use by Salem Health visitors, staff and physicians.  

Medical staff can access parking behind Building B by turning into the drive from Winter or Mission streets and following the road to the new parking gates (near where the old ones used to be when access was through the service drive). Access to medical staff parking from the north side of Building B will remain the same. Two new employee parking areas will have badge access only. Physicians will have access to parking in these areas as well. Parking around the new rehab building and the parking lot directly south of Building B will be for patients and visitors. 

We are excited that we can finally open this additional parking and the new access point for parking behind Building B. Please be aware this area is new to everyone and people may be driving more slowly than usual. 

We appreciate your patience as everyone becomes accustomed to having access to the new parking areas and the new traffic patterns that will emerge.