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New lockscreens identify workstation type

06 Dec 2020

Screens explain each computer’s function on campus

By: Daniel Unck, information security analyst

Ever get confused (then annoyed) about the function of the workstation you’re logging into – especially if you use several computers at Salem Hospital? We’ve fixed that.

Physicians typically use the autologin – logout epic and single user workstations. On Dec. 15, you’ll notice new log-in screens that explain each computer’s function (we have five types, noted below).  

More good news: There are NO changes to workflows; information is just being added to the log-in screen to help you. For example, a light purple lock screen will be found in many clinical areas where Epic is used, with this display:

 This is an autologin/logout Epic computer.

  • Multiple users can badge in and out.
  • Epic will switch to your login if you badge in while someone else is still logged in.
  • Badging out brings up the Imprivata lock screen and logs you out of Epic.

A dark purple lock screen will have this message:

This is a single-user computer.

  • Only one user can be logged in at a time.
  • Badging out will lock the computer.
  • No one may sign in here until the previous user has signed out.
  • Epic will remain logged in until it times out or you sign out.

Three other lock screens will be identified – Autologin/trackboard (gray); Autologin/no time out (red) and Autologin/secure Epic (green).

For questions, or help, email the Solution Center or call the Help Desk at 503-814-4357.