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New platelet product coming Sept. 1

21 Jul 2019

Pathogen Reduced Platelets labeled as Psoralen-Treated Platelets

By: Teresa Kasper, senior lab specialist

The Salem Health blood bank will introduce pathogen-reduced; psoralen-treated platelets on Sept.1. Providers don’t need to do anything different – just be aware that the new product is equivalent to an irradiated leuko reduced pheresis platelet.  

We will phase in the new platelets into our inventory, based on available supply from our blood center. The following points supported the decision to adopt new platelet products.

The traditional approach to blood safety is REACTIVE

  • Blood is tested for a limited number of pathogens with current testing methods.
  • New pathogens continue to emerge, and tests for all new pathogens do not currently exist.
  • Bacterial contamination is the leading transfusion-transmitted infection (TTI) and can lead to sepsis and/or death.
  • Transfusion reactions including sepsis may be under recognized and under reported.

    Advantages to new product

  • Five-day outdate currently
  • No culture needed; bacteria inactivated
  • Non encapsulated virus’, CMV and Zika tests not required
  • Irradiation not required
  • 99.9% pathogen reduced
  • $100.00 increase over Irradiated PLT
  • FDA approved
Read full details in this memo from the lab, including graphics.