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News from the strategic advisory committee

26 Jun 2016

By: Cheryl Wolfe, president and CEO

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The last two strategic advisory committees have covered the topics of access and vascular surgery. One access topic discussed was implementation of care teams in the 12th Street Clinic. Care teams include pharmacists, care managers, behavioral health professionals, and others who work with primary care physicians to support the needs of the patient. The group had thoughtful discussion around the use of care teams in providing the right service at the right time. 

The vascular surgery discussion included Dr. John Hunter, chief of surgery, and Dr. Greg Moneta, chief of vascular surgery from OHSU. The discussion centered on the opportunity to create a vascular surgery program committed to the integration and regionalization of vascular surgery services between Salem Health and OHSU. The purpose of the meeting was to gain insight and advice from the committee members about the proposed program. Based on the outcome of the meeting, a task force will be created to bring leadership and vascular surgeons from both institutions together to outline how such a program might be structured and formed.