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Next Epic upgrade goes live Oct. 15

23 Jun 2019

Providers have minimal changes to workflows

By: Hannah Bauer, technical communications coordinator

Watch for open training hours for the next Epic upgrade in mid-September. This upgrade also includes a replacement of the software that facilitates our electronic document management system (EDMS). Any needed training for this system will be incorporated into the Epic training.

In the coming months, we will keep providers informed about the scope of changes in the upgrade, as well as any hot button topics that arise during training preparation.

A note about Epic enhancements:

As we have completed the build for the upgrade, we started to experience conflicts when bringing enhancements live in Epic.

Though we are limiting the duration of our build freeze window, there may be approved enhancements that cannot go live until the upgrade goes live in October due to the Epic upgrade build that is completed and not yet moved into the system.

We have an assessment process in place and will notify the enhancement requestor if we hit a barrier with implementing enhancements.

This includes current enhancement requests and any future enhancement requests that are submitted up until the October go-live.