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NPR and OPB series features providers “in the chaos”

27 Feb 2022

Broadcast links to compassion and heartbreak at Salem Health

By: Lisa Wood, strategic communications administrator

In case you missed the series featuring our providers and staff during the pandemic on National Public Radio and Oregon Public Broadcasting, here's the background and links to stories and broadcasts. 

Interviews were with Dr. Sarah Webber and Dr. Peter Hakim, and hospital staff. Also interviewed was Dr. Ralph Yates, CMO. .

How it all started

We were approached by NPR senior producer/health editor Jane Greenhalgh and OPB health reporter Amelia Templeton for a national story, with a regional element. Their focus was to show the long-term effect of the pandemic on hospital staff -- and to document the current surge, showing what it means for such a significant portion of hospital beds to be occupied by patients with COVID-19. 

They spoke with hospitals across the country to feature on NPR nationally and a longer, local mini-documentary on OPB.  

About the Jan. 31 “Think Out Loud” story with Amelia Templeton

“Some hospital overflowing with patients” (Jan. 31, 2022)

OPB healthcare reporter Amelia Templeton shares the experience of Salem Hospital’s physicians, nurses and staff in this 14-minute audio story.

OPB Web Story (Feb. 3, 2022)

The web story on OPB posted on Feb. 3, a companion to the radio story from earlier this week. 
Nancy Bee and crew OBP
The photo above is of RN Heather Gatchet, Dr. Peter Hakim and Nancy Bee, heading into the ED. Courtesy of OBP.

“At Oregon’s Salem Health, the doctor will see you now — in the hallway” (Feb. 3, 2022).

About the Feb. 8 story:

“Inside an Oregon hospital, here’s what it takes to provide care through the chaos” (Feb. 8, 2022)

The NPR story ran on Feb. 7, and the recording is available at the link below. NPR devoted more than six minutes of air time to the plight of Oregon’s hospitals, telling the story through Salem Hospital’s experience.

The companion web story with photographs

“Inside an Oregon hospital, here’s what it takes to provide care through the chaos” (Feb. 8, 2022)