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Orthopedic standing orders expanded to reduce paging

31 Mar 2019

Policy addresses fractures, orders routed to providers managing injury

By: Susan Redmond, OT/L, MBA, neuromuscular services director

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Acute Therapy Orthopedic Protocol/Standing Orders are expanding to help you! To decrease the need to page providers for weight bearing precautions not included in the orders, we have expanded this policy to include:

  • Fractures isolated to superior/inferior rami in persons greater than 65 years old from a ground level fall are weight bearing as tolerated.
  • Clavicular fractures are non-weight bearing
  • Non-displaced sternal fractures are weight bearing as tolerated, and displaced sternal fractures are non-weight bearing

In these situations, an order will be entered and routed to the provider managing that injury. A provider is always able to enter precaution orders different from the standing order based on clinical circumstances.

This has been work has been completed in collaboration with Orthopedics, TRACS and Salem Health hospitalists. Questions? Contact me at, or call 503-814-4741.