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Our newest clinics are moving to our technical platforms

02 Feb 2020

Salem Health Medical Clinic – Skyline Village will go live first

By: Andrew Turpin, senior project manager

Our CEO and president Cheryl Wolfe has commended Salem Health and the former WVP medical clinics for successfully bringing six new clinics to Salem Health Medical Group. She made a special thanks to the information services team that “climbed mountains to move the new clinics to Epic.” We are now in the process of bringing the rest of our typical workstation functionality to the new clinics.

The first clinic that will be brought onto our network and equipped with standard hardware, etc. will be Salem Health Medical Clinic – Skyline Village, formerly The Doctors’ Clinic. We expect this work to take place Feb. 7 through 9, with go-live on Feb. 10. Because this is the first of the six clinics to come over to our technical platforms, the clinic will not be open on Feb. 8, although it is usually open on Saturdays.

After this first go-live, we will apply similar processes to the remaining clinics. Salem Health Medical Clinic – Keizer, formerly Keizer Clinic, will be next, and then we will then take a phased approach to scheduling the other clinics beyond that.

We will provide communications, support and tip sheets to the new clinics coming on board, so stay tuned! Thank you for working so hard to make these transitions as seamless as possible for staff and patients. Your cooperation and enthusiasm are deeply appreciated.