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Palliative care team to serve more patients

15 Jan 2023

Consult order streamlined; ESLD and ESRD diagnoses included

By: Larissa Smith, manager, Adult Hospitalists, Palliative Care

With improved physician staffing, we’re pleased to announce the Palliative Care Team will increase its scope of services to patients who are:

  • Hospitalized for primary advanced cancer diagnosis;
  • Requiring symptom management related to malignant disease;
  • In the NTCU with life-limiting illness;
  • Receiving intensive level of care or patients with the TRACS team as their attending provider, and
  • Facing end-stage liver disease and/or end-stage renal disease.

This change includes the diagnoses of ESLD and ESRD. We’ve also simplified the consult order to be more streamlined for the requesting provider and will continue to assess and expand as appropriate over the next several months.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we build stronger palliative services to support you and the patients we serve. Questions? Please contact Christine Clarke, MD.