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Parking enforcement for providers has begun

01 Mar 2020

Tips to avoid a ticket; last-minute vehicle registration

By: Hannah Bauer, technical communications coordinator

If you didn’t get a chance to register, please do so using this tip sheet. All vehicles parked on the Salem Hospital campus must be registered in the electronic system.

Now that the official registration window is closed, parking violations are subject to citations and fines.

How to avoid a ticket

  • Park only in provider parking.
  • Cones and signage placed by the parking team supersede allocations. Do not park in a space with a cone or sign that indicates the spot is reserved or designated for other use.
  • If you are here as a patient or visitor, if a patient or visitor is driving your car, or you are driving a temporary car (rental, borrowed, or temporary license plate), notify the parking and transportation department by:
  1. Leaving a note on the dashboard, or
  2. Calling the parking line at 503-814-7275.
  • Make sure your vehicle is registered and your information is correct. Use this tip sheet for help. If you have special license plates, include the special characters when you type out your license plate number.
  • Park within the lines.

If you have questions about parking, please email or call 503-814-7275.