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Parking reminders

07 Jun 2020

Drive carefully and review policies

By: Hannah Bauer, facilities development project consultant

Parking on the Salem Hospital campus is more complex than ever as construction continues and patient volumes increase.  

Our parking enforcement team works diligently to ensure that there is enough parking for patients, providers, and staff. Please drive carefully and review the following.

To avoid a ticket:

  • Park only in provider locations (map). Note: provider spots in the garage under Building A have “physician parking only” painted on the ground.
  • Cones and signs placed by the parking team, as well as spaces with “reserved” painted on the ground supersede allocations. Do not park where a cone, sign, or paint on the ground indicates the spot is reserved or designated for other use.
  • Park within the lines and follow the rules outlined in the parking policy (see list of fineable violations).
  • If you are here as a patient or visitor, if a patient or visitor is driving your car, or you are driving a temporary car (rental, borrowed, or temporary license plate), notify the parking and transportation department by:
    • Leaving a note on the dashboard, or
    • Calling the parking line at 503-814-7275. Leaving a voicemail is acceptable.

    If you arrive emergently to care for a patient (surgery, emergency medicine, OB, etc.), and cannot find a spot to park simply drive to the Oak St. turnaround and your vehicle will be valeted for you.

    Overall, the transitions in provider parking since January have been smooth and relatively few tickets have been issued.

  • There is a simple appeal process if you receive a ticket in error. It is listed on the back of the citation.
  • If you wish to speak to someone about your parking at Salem Hospital, please call 503-814-7275 or send an email to

To review the parking policy, click here, log in with your Epic username and password, and search “parking” in the search bar.