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Partnership with independent physicians

07 Aug 2016

By: By Andy Furman, MD, vice president of medical affairs and Tom Yackel, MD, OHSU VP and chief clinical integration officer, associate dean for clinical practice

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The needs of complex patients with chronic disease and the upcoming regulatory requirements are propelling health care towards improved clinical integration. What is clinical integration? We define it as coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time to achieve the Quadruple Aim (lower cost, better patient experience, improved health in our community, and better provider satisfaction).

While other health systems are seeking to achieve the same goals through an employed physician model, OHSU Partners is thinking innovatively about creating this integration through partnerships with independent physician groups. These partnerships may be structured differently dependent upon community needs, services delivered, and resources available. Together though, we will share responsibility for achieving all four aims in our population of patients and providers.

Good examples of this partnership between OHSU Partners and independent physicians can been seen in the cardiovascular CIN and governance structure of the Oregon ACO being organized at Propel Health. Both entities are guided by independent physicians. We believe there is great potential when we combine the strengths of independent physicians and a health system, and are serious about continuing to pursue this model. 

If you have questions about how you or your group might fit into this future at Salem Health, please contact Heidi Conklin at