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PATHFINDER 2 study seeking more participants

21 May 2023

Simple blood test detects many cancers

By: Zeth Lannigan, cancer support outreach supervisor

Salem Health Cancer Institute is a sub-site for OHSU's GRAIL PATHFINDER 2 study. This is a clinical trial to improve cancer early detection. Eligible participants will receive a simple blood test that may detect many types of cancer. Appointments can be scheduled at Salem Health Cancer Institute in Building C.

For more information and to see if you qualify, please click here and share with your family and friends!

Join the Pathfinder 2 Study to Find Cancer Early / OHSU

pathfinder 2

Both KATU-TV and KXL-FM have featured this study.

  • Watch the KATU-TV segment, which aired on May 8 and 9, here.
  • Listen to the KXL-FM clip, which aired May 8 and 9, here.