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Patients and visitors are now self-screening

31 Jul 2022

Stations at same entries; watch for signage

By: Bruce McLean, director of safety, security and parking

As a reminder, in-person patient and visitor screening transitioned last week to self-screening. Sometimes patients and visitors miss the signage as they arrive on campus.

After confirming they meet the current COVID criteria by answering “no” to the questions on the sign, patients and visitors will take a sticker to be worn during their visit as a visual indicator of passing screening. They will no longer be screened by Towne Park staff. 

The self-screening stations will be located at the same entry points as our current in person screening posts. This change will not impact the screening of vaccinated or unvaccinated staff, contractor screening, inpatient visitor check-in in the lobby of Building A or the number of doors open to public access.

Staff will remind our patients and visitors to don a hospital-provided source control mask and screening sticker while at Salem Health.

If you see someone without a mask or sticker, politely direct them back to the screening signage at the entrance of the building.