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PCP notification of death and hospice discharge

16 Oct 2016

By: Claire O’Brien, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer

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Primary care providers have traditionally requested that Salem Health notify them of hospital deaths and new hospice discharges so they can appropriately support these patients and families. Historically, Care Management called providers with that information.  

More recently, primary care clinics have been getting this information through a daily emailed admit/discharge summary report. As a result, they’ve asked that Care Management discontinue calls made for this purpose. All offices have been contacted and agree these calls are no longer needed. Of course, this does not mean that a physician-to-physician call is not desired or perhaps even expected. 

To access the information in such cases, go to the daily admit/discharge report. Please look under the ‘Discharge Disposition’ heading where you will find hospice discharges and in-hospital deaths documented. To comply with the wishes of our outpatient partners, this electronic notification will be the primary form of communication from Care Management, starting Oct. 15. 

Processes are currently being re-evaluated to ensure that PCPs are correctly entered into Epic so that no one is missed. Please let Care Management know immediately if your office receives notices for patients incorrectly, or if a notice is not received when it should have been. 

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