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Peer Support: confidential, personal support and guidance

09 Jun 2019

Get help after experiencing a stressful event

By: Ellen Hampton, director of corporate integrity, safety and risk

Working in health care, we give of ourselves every day. We are constantly helping others heal and feel better. This kind of work requires resiliency, but sometimes, we can get exhausted, too.

If you are experiencing a reaction to a stressful event or outcome at work, you could very likely be a “second victim.” This is a term sometimes applied to health care workers who become negatively impacted by their work caring for others. You might feel sad or have trouble sleeping or develop some physical symptoms you don’t normally have. Learn more about second victims here.

Peer Support is available 24/7 to help you! The team is now one year old and still going strong. All team members are selected because of their competence in helping peers through stressful times. You will be provided with a confidential “safe zone” with personal support and guidance. The team aims to help people understand what they may be feeling and how to help address it so they can return to a satisfying work life. It’s free for all Salem Health employees and medical staff.

The volunteer team includes members from many disciplines, including physicians, nurses and other engaged staff trained in crisis support and stress management.

You can reach Peer Support at 503-814-PEER (4-7337).