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Physicians create new emergency communication plan

05 Mar 2017

Salem Health physicians have developed a Physician's Emergency Communications Plan to connect medical staff with Salem Health’s incident command team during emergencies or urgent communication needs. Read more about the team of physicians who helped put this new plan together.

The process: When a Salem Health code triage is activated, on-duty physicians are notified as follows:  An overhead announcement will be made to inform all staff of the code triage and the following physician leaders will receive code triage information via the emergency notification system:

  • CMO
  • Vice president of medical affairs
  • ED medical director and lead physician
  • Trauma Services medical director and on-call trauma surgeon
  • Surgical Services medical director and on-call anesthesiologist
  • Hospitalist medical director and on-call intensivist
  • OB hospitalist medical director
  • SH Medical Group Family Medicine medical director
  • SH Psychiatric Services medical director
  • SH Hospitals and Clinics CMIO
  • SH West Valley ED medical director and ED physician

Emergency notifications will be delivered to communication devices as requested by the physician leader (cell or landline phone voice message, pager, cell phone text message, email, etc.). The message identifies the reason for the code triage and indicates the action being requested.