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Price transparency: Your patients can get quick online estimates

08 Nov 2020

MyChart tool works with major insurance carriers

By: Collin Nelson, marketing and communications marketing specialist

Salem Health now offers free online estimates for more than 300 health care services. These services can be scheduled in advance, which gives your patients the ability to “shop” around before “buying.”

They can personalize estimates based on their insurance. The tool integrates with all major insurance carriers. For patients without insurance, a self-pay discount will be applied.

The estimate tool is part of MyChart. Patients without MyChart accounts can create "guest" estimates. Patients with MyChart accounts can create and save their estimates.

Our Revenue Cycle and Information Services teams have been working on this project since May. It went live on September 28 and the Spanish version goes live November 17.

Patients can access estimates at Salem Hospital and West Valley Hospital through MyChart.

Below is an example of an estimate.

price transparency example 
Want to give it a try? Visit the MyChart website then select the "Get an Estimate" button. Or tap the "Estimates" icon in the MyChart app.