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Project to bring new dictation software officially underway

23 Jun 2019

Dragon Medical One is in the initiation phase

By: Matt Boles, MD, vice president of medical affairs and Bahaa Wanly, chief operating officer

We are happy to announce that our project to bring Dragon Medical One, a dictation software that allows for real-time EPIC inputs, is officially in-flight and in the initiation phase.

Traditionally, providers have been using phone dictation, note templates, and/or typing to enter data into Epic. These methods of adding information to the electronic medical record have a potential lag time between four and 24 hours. This inefficiency has led to provider dissatisfaction and ultimately may contribute to burnout.

Although the timeline is still pending, this technology is coming through the implementation of Dragon Medical One. Besides its immediate impact in EPIC, it will be compatible with future mobile solutions for all physician documentation. Please be patient as we roll this out and we will be sure to update project milestones in future Common Ground articles as the implementation work begins!