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PSA Friend or Foe discussion highlights: Part 2

07 Jul 2019

Insights and data on how peer review is working

By: Jennifer Williams, MD, and Jeff Loa, MD

Thanks for attending the April 10 town hall about Salem Health’s Patient Safety Alert system and our peer review process, facilitated by Christine Clarke, MD; Kevin Thompson, MD; Jennifer Williams, MD, and Jefferson Loa, MD. If you missed it, here is the PPT, and below are the highlights from the presentation:

  • Medical Staff peers oversee and conduct the peer review process. Case reviews and performance metric reviews are conducted by same specialty practitioners.
  • For most PSAs referred to peer review, there are no concerning practitioner issues identified.
  • Most PSAs referred to Peer Review are not submitted to the formal peer review process.
  • If no issue is identified, the PSA does not go into your credentialing file.
  • Peer Review outcomes rarely impact re-credentialing or future employment/credentialing.
  • If there are concerns from any source that could impact credentialing, you will be contacted by MEC and made aware of the issues.
  • Other internal and external review processes besides Medical Staff Peer Review may address significant events.

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