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“Pump and dump”? Ask a consultant first

23 Apr 2023

Lactation consultants support, assess

By: Shelley Weise, RN, nurse manager, Mother Baby Unit

Do you have questions about the medication your patient is taking while pumping or feeding a baby breast milk? Our lactation consultants have the answers! It is a rare occasion when a patient needs to pump and discard (“pump and dump”) breast milk.

Please enter a lactation consult order or call the lactation office at 503-814-4459 when you have a patient who is lactating. We are here to support you and your patients.

Hale's Medication and Mothers' Milk online resource is available in Epic Reference Links for quick access to evidence-based information about medications and breast milk.

It is common for a mother’s milk supply to decrease when ill, when having surgery or when separated from the baby. Mothers need to pump as soon as they are stable to maintain milk supply. The lactation consultants are happy to come to your unit to support you, assess the patient and develop a lactation plan of care.