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Reaching out: Interested in an advice column?

10 Nov 2019

We’re looking for pearls of wisdom to share

By: Christine Clarke, MD, medical staff president

The Common Ground editorial board is considering a new column to share best practices and tips for providers – something “by and for” our medical staff. Are you interested in contributing to this column – or even just interested in reading it?

Common Ground is Salem Health’s official vehicle to reach medical staff in our community with news and information they need, so we want to keep it relevant. We would call it Salem Health Forum for Better Medicine – or possibly Clinical Pearls, which has a nice ring to it.

For example, we might ask each section chief to write a column about:

  • What tests do referring MDs order that you feel are unnecessary?
  • What treatments could primary care providers do more of to improve initial treatment (and maybe avoid unnecessary referrals?)
  • What info is left out of referrals that you might need?

As physicians, we can help each other improve quality, cost-effective medical care by sharing advice on reaching the correct diagnosis and treatment plans. Please share your ideas for topics and authors, so we can get started!