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Register your car for parking during expansion

22 Dec 2019

Mandatory CBT assigned; emergency parking process unchanged

By: Hannah Bauer, technical communications coordinator

The start of campus expansion construction is right around the corner! You have a mandatory HealthStream computer-based training assigned about parking changes.

  • At the end of the CBT, you will have the opportunity to register your vehicle(s).
  • You will need to know your license plate number for all vehicles you wish to park on campus.
  • Your experience with the registration website will greatly benefit from paying close attention to the tip sheet.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • If you ever practice at West Valley Hospital, you will be required to keep your green parking sticker.
  • The map that shows where provider parking will be located after Jan. 6 is available here (you will have to enter your Salem Health login to view).
  • Existing workflows for emergent entry to campus (surgery, emergency medicine, OBGYN, etc.) will continue. This includes designated parking spots under Building A, next to Building D, and use of the patient valet service in extreme cases.

Here’s how providers access HealthStream, depending on whether they are on-site or off-site:

  • On-Site/Salem Health computer: From the Intranet/Home Page, go to the Tools & Resources section, click on the HealthStream link
  • Off-Site/Personal computer: Go to
  • They will also receive an HS Alert for the new course assignment which includes the link to access the log-on page.