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Respectful Workplace sexual harassment training

07 Jun 2021

View this PPT to learn what’s expected

By: Kelly Aebi, medical staff services director

No patient, employee or provider harm is acceptable in any shape or form at Salem Health. Harassment and its detrimental impact on organizations, communities, and individuals is an increasingly visible topic. As an organization committed to demonstrating respect for people in a learning culture, it is critical we provide our medical staff members the knowledge and skills to ensure these values are upheld.

To support you as our partners in care, the Salem Health HR team and Medical Staff Executive Committee created this PPT training to help you maintain a professional and respectful work environment. This brief training will help you recognize the signs of harassment, know what to do if you observe harassment in our workplace, and most importantly, how to prevent harassment from occurring.

Thank you for investing your valuable time by viewing the PPT on this crucial topic.