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Rod Oyarzun, MD – Excellence Above and Beyond

24 Jul 2016

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Dr. Oyarzun has demonstrated excellence and commitment to Salem Health's cardiac surgery program and our valuable patients. He upholds the mission statement and the core values of Salem Health and its new affiliation with OHSU in a most exemplary manner. He is respectful and treats others with dignity. He is to be commended for his extreme diligence in covering surgical call and intensive patient care, which he has done above and beyond the expectations. His peers on the medical staff have been inspired and grateful for his tireless effort and integrity. Rod has gained the confidence of the cardiologists and numerous internists and specialists.

He has also inspired the surgical team for utmost patient care and quality performance during long working hours. Dr. Oyarzun's surgical performance has set a great standard. Having worked closely with all the cardiac surgeons Salem Health has had over the 25 years here, Rod ranks among the top performers.

Many patients in our community look to Dr. Oyarzun as their frist choice. The future of this cardiac surgery program is bright with Dr. Oyarzun as a key member of it.