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Ryan Kirkpatrick, MD - Role Model for Excellence

28 May 2017

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Dr. Kirkpatrick restored one family’s faith in the medical profession! An excerpt from their thank you letter: “Dr. Kirkpatrick gave quick and expert diagnosis the minute he saw my brother in the ED which ultimately saved him from potentially irreversible damage, or worse.”

The patient’s “saga” began two weeks before, with horrific leg pain – he was immediately diagnosed with kidney stones and given Percocet.  Pain persisted and he ended up in the ER two days later. Another doctor sent him for a CT scan and home with valium.  But the pain got worse. Seeking a third doctor’s advice, he was again sent home, but by this time, there was blood in his urine – and fever! His perplexed family “brought him home” to Salem to our own ED, where Dr. Kirkpatrick immediately ordered an MRI and X-Ray. The MRI revealed an abscess in his lower back, against a nerve. He was admitted within the hour and prepped for surgery at noon the next day. After five days, he was released with IV antibiotics.

“Dr. Kirkpatric took one look at my brother, didn't even have the full story of what he had been through and immediately wanted to venture down the muscular road. This road eventually led to what we now consider a miracle!”

Thank you Dr. Kirkpatrick, for doing your job.  Thank you for helping my brother.  Thank you for the thorough work up, and for not turning him away with another disappointing misdiagnosis.