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Salem Health Medical Group Hospitalist Program transition June 7

02 Jun 2022

Expanded night coverage! Tip: Ask switchboard for triage provider

By: Larissa Smith, adult hospitalists and palliative care manager

On Tuesday early morning, June 7, we will transition hospital patients from the current mountain treatment teams (MT Adams, MT Baker, MT Hood, MT Jefferson and MT Rainier) to our new expanded color teams (Aqua, Indigo, Lilac, Rainbow and Teal).

This is our final step for the integration of the patients and clinicians that were previously the Salem Clinic hospitalists’ team.

Between 5 to 7 a.m. on June 7 you may see patients with a color team AND a mountain team. This in intentional to ensure we have all patients accounted for and appropriately covered by the night clinicians. Please follow your previous process for cross coverage needs based on the team that is marked PRIMARY.

After this movement of patients, the mountain treatment teams will be removed leaving just a color team and the mountain teams will be turned off and removed from use in Epic.

Other changes you will notice is expanded night team coverage and day admitting roles. We encourage our clinician partners in care (ED, TRACS, Pulm/Critical Care, Cardiology and others who consult/transfer to and from our service) when calling the switchboard for admissions to ask to speak to the TRIAGE provider. We will have more than one admitter during the days going forward with overlapping shift times. Using the terminology of TRIAGE will ensure the switchboard team connects you with who is currently covering the triage responsibility.

Questions or concerns about the impact of this transition?

Please contact Dr. Nicole VanDerHeyden, Dr. Yoha Chelladurai or Dr. Zubaria Iram.