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Sleep Center to expand services

19 Mar 2017

By: Thye Schuyler, MD, Sleep Center Director, and Josh Franke, Salem Health Cardiac and Sleep Center Operations Manager

You are likely aware of long wait times for new patient consults with the Salem Health Sleep Center. Over the past five years, using only word-of -mouth for marketing, our referral base has climbed.Schuyler, Thye M.

Coupled with our philosophy that the only way to truly maximize health is to optimize sleep, we have become the primary referral location for all sleep disorders. Due to our conviction that every person in our community deserves an opportunity to make the most of their sleep, we are embracing the challenge to address our high referral base by expanding our services and providing greater educational outreach to our community.

In addition to the hiring of Sohee Sutton, our exceptional nurse practitioner, we will add another full-time, fellowship-trained sleep specialist and pulmonologist, Noda Milla, MD. We are also expanding coverage in our sleep lab to ensure testing is performed for both our outpatient and now inpatient services, in a timely fashion.

We thank you for your patience and appreciate your loyalty to our cause.