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Sneak Peak: Epic Foundation Phase 3 training soon

23 Dec 2018

Explore new features now!

By: Claire O’Brien, MD, chief medical information officer

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Epic Foundation Phase 3 training materials will be available Jan. 2, but you can explore the features now.

  1. Review this list to identify workflows and features that could affect your area. Pay special attention to orders, discharge orders and workspaces.
  2. Log in to BETAPlay and try out your workflows.
  3. Report! If you spot broken items, see issues or have feedback, please fill out this form (also available on the Epic Foundation Station).


  • BETAPlay is available on your desktop or from the Citrix menu. Use your normal Epic username and password to log in.
  • BETAPlay renews itself every midnight, erasing any content or changes entered during the day.
  • Go-live is set for Jan. 23.