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Staying the course of excellence

26 Mar 2023

Despite the cost, we must meet the challenge

By: Mauricio Collada Jr., MD, Salem Health chair of surgical department and MEC member, medical director of Salem Spine Center of Excellence

Editor’s note: With National Doctors’ Day on March 30, we are honored to share the voices of medical staff, along with honoring their service with a week of celebration. Thank you, Dr. Collada. We encourage messages from other medical staff! 

Above all, our organization needs to be proud of how we have stayed committed to excellence in care.

We did this as we confronted the challenges posed by the pandemic.

We do this right now, spending as we must despite the cost to provide excellence in medical care by doing what we must to have adequate staffing.

Because we are such a fair community, such a fair country, we recognize the value of striving toward equity. Medical care, above all, is a commitment to caring for those in need, and helping those at their most vulnerable moments with the fullest uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Any other approach would be unacceptable!

I am ever so proud of being part of our Salem Health organization, its mission, its accomplishments, and its ongoing commitment to excellence.