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Streamlined surgical services process started April 29

05 May 2024

Learn how to mark physician ready button for OR

By: Ryan Yarzak, RN, prep recovery nurse manager

As we continue streamlining the OR, a new process for all surgical services started April 29.

Surgeons should mark the physician ready button to ensure visibility to readiness before a procedure. To be ready means that the surgeon has seen the patient, marked the site (as needed) and completed the H&P/H&P update.

This new process began about six months ago with the anesthesia providers marking a ready button that displays for all to see. Prep RNs have been doing the same for the last couple months as well and now the process will include both surgeons and the OR.

Patients will not be taken back to the OR until the surgeon ready flag has been marked.

This can be done in one of two ways:

Status Boards with S O A P on them will display with the  for all the ready areas: Surgeon, Operating room, Anesthesia and Prep.

This new process is not necessary for trauma cases, A cases or direct send cases.

Questions? Review the standard work, below, check in with your section chief or contact Ryan Yarzak, RN, prep recovery nurse manager.