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Surgical emergencies

07 Aug 2016

By: Jennifer Williams, MD, chair, Multidisciplinary Peer Review Committee

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Several cases recently have revealed that there may be some confusion about the role of OHSU as our back-up coverage for vascular surgery. Please be aware that OHSU back up coverage does not involve an on-call OHSU vascular surgeon in our hospital, or even in Salem to attend emergencies. Furthermore, OHSU vascular surgeons do not have privileges at Salem Health, and therefore cannot operate or give orders to nurses there. OHSU vascular surgeons are always available for telephone consultation or to receive patient transfers to OHSU.

Luckily, our esteemed trauma surgical (TRACS) service is an ever-present and valuable resource for many types of surgical emergencies. These talented and dedicated surgeons are trained and experienced in managing a variety of surgical emergencies. Please don’t hesitate to call upon them when emergent surgical assistance is required.