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Switchboard simplifies hold line process

23 Dec 2018

Clean look, easy directions in new page message

By: Claire O’Brien, MD,chief medical information officer

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The switchboard team has simplified your hold line process! Work started Dec. 18.

If a caller has been placed on a hold line for you, you will receive a page that looks like this:
To connect to the hold line, you can use any Salem Health phone to dial the four-digit number listed on the page. This number will always be a four-digit number that starts with 5, ranging between 5100 and 5141.

If you receive this page and do not have access to an internal phone line or experience any difficulty connecting to the hold line, you can continue to follow normal processes for calling the switchboard priority line.

Reminder: to call the switchboard using the check-in line, dial 503-561-8470. Once the recording picks up, enter your 6-digit SMS ID. This will jump your call to the front of the switchboard queue and an operator will connect you to your caller.