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Text paging workflows

22 Jul 2018

Vendor conflicts may result in dropped pages

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Some providers use text-to-cell as a paging method. While our service up-time is high (98 percent), there are occasionally missed or dropped pages.

For example, there is a current conflict between Verizon Wireless and our paging vendor, Medicall, which results in intermittent losses. The two companies are negotiating a solution. In the meantime, we recommend that if you are a Verizon customer and receive pages on your cell phone, please call the Salem Health Switchboard at 503-561-5200 to confirm an alternate method of communication.

We have sent a reminder to nursing and clinical staff. If they do not receive a response on a page, the next step is to contact the switchboard. The switchboard has providers’ alternate communication preferences on file, so we can frequently close the communication gap quickly so that care continues in a timely way.