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Thank you! National Doctors’ Day March 30 (3/17/2019)

17 Mar 2019

Donations to charities, lunch on us March 25 to 31

By: Matthew Boles, MD, vice president of medical affairs

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Dr. Boles' headshotTo our medical staff:

National Doctors’ Day is March 30, and I won’t let this day go by without thanking the 880 MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, DPMs, DMDs, DDSs and other members of our medical staff who call Salem Health home. I’m proud to say this number grows each year.

As part of our team, you’ve played a major role in turning Salem Health into a premiere regional hospital worthy of Level II Trauma Center status, Magnet designation, recognition as a center of excellence across several disciplines and ranking among the top 50 hospitals for cardiovascular services. You’ve helped us develop services and specialties to meet the needs of a growing — and aging — population.

As individuals, you’ve completed years of training and grueling residencies. But the learning never stops as you stay ahead of a science that advances every day, with pressures and conditions you probably never imagined when you first dreamed of becoming a clinician.

Dozens of you have been involved in projects here that have not only improved lives, but also saved millions in health care costs. Thanks to you, we have developed an enviable spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement.

I also want to recognize your tireless dedication to serving our patients in the community through clinic appointments, ED visits and inpatient admissions, procedural interventions and interpretations, surgeries and consultations — to name just a few!  And this service to our patients is carried out under any circumstance, day or night. It is appreciated, truly — THANK YOU!
Dr. Boles and patient

(Pictured: Dr. Boles at work as an anesthesiologist at Salem Health.)

I’m very proud to announce this year we will continue in our tradition that in lieu of Doctors’ Day decorations, we’re donating $3,000 to the Salem Free Clinics and The Guadalupe Clinic (split equally between the two), on behalf of Salem Health providers.

In addition, please enjoy lunch on us from March 25 to 31, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Physician Lounge (Building A). This is a small token to thank you for everything you do to make Salem Health a great place to work and an even greater place for our patients to receive care.

You matter deeply to all of us who work with you, and to anyone who has been touched by your skill, dedication and inspiration. You truly make Salem Health an amazing place. Again, thank you, and happy Doctors’ Day!