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The CIC: A commitment to collaboration

18 Feb 2018

Update on your sounding board on the Compact

By: Bonnie Driggers, CIC chair

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Our Compact Implementation Committee began in October 2013 to launch Salem Health’s Common Ground Compact with medical staff, the board of directors and hospital administration. If you worked with Salem Health at the time, you may recall the compact was forged after several months of these groups collaborating to create a set of agreements, all focused on improving patient care.

The CIC, which implemented the compact, now serves as a sounding board to sustain positive intent, recommend revisions or updates and resolve issues. It includes equal representation from the board, providers and administration, with a straight-forward charter:

Setting and achieving high standards in quality, safety, efficiency, value, access and service through integration and coordination, standardization of processes and provision of necessary resources.

As chair, I have seen the committee progress from a time when members were skeptical to today, when real issues and concerns are discussed, and positive intent the cultural norm.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Provide awareness and support for the Compact to the greater Salem Health community;
  • Plan and execute strategies for implementation;
  • Provide a process for receiving and responding to issues;
  • Plan communication through stories of success and examples of improvement;
  • Review progress and report to key stakeholders, at least yearly;
  • Review the Compact for revisions with stakeholders and forward recommendations annually to Medical Executive Committee (MEC), Executive Leadership Council (ELC) and Board; and
  • Develop measures for successful implementation.

CIC members serve two-year terms. They include officers Bonnie Driggers, chair; Ralph Yates, vice-chair; Ian Loewen-Thomas, past chair; and members Maurice Collada, Kamran Firoozi, Kathy Keene, John Strother, Mark Surbaugh, Bob Wells, Cheryl Wolfe, Robert Zirschky, Sarah Horn, Christine Clarke and Joseph Stalfire.

The Common Ground Compact isn’t just a document. It’s a living agreement that aligns medical staff, administration and the board. The Compact is a promise to our community that we will put patients first.